Positive News - It’s not often black boys are afforded a space to express their joy. After all, media representations of black boys rarely stray beyond perpetrator or the victim of violence. It’s this in part that propelled Kay Rufai, a British-Nigerian artist, photographer and author, to create the Smile-ing Boys project, which addresses the mental health needs of black boys

Positive.News - Frustrated by the government’s response to the climate crisis, young people in England and Scotland are taking matters into their own hands Students in Scotland have launched a campaign to get the Scottish government to provide young people with the skills they need to live sustainably. It follows the launch of a similar campaign in England, where students drafted an

Bored Panda - Having something break down in your home is unpleasant, to say the least. Luckily, it’s great there’s always someone who can help—and it’s even more awesome when it’s an entire community doing so. Massachusetts handyman and electrician John Kinney was recently called in to fix an electrical problem at an old lady’s home, but found so many problems

Positive.News - With autumn drawing in and many parts of the UK in another lockdown, these insightful podcasts, reading initiatives and livestreams could bring some cheer in the months ahead. A history podcast, for people who don’t like history Escape the present by taking a step back in time. The BBC’s You’re Dead To Me, a “history podcast for people who

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