Words by Positive.News: Our top recommendations for planet- and people-friendly drinks to enjoy this holiday season 1. Calvados, Avallen How d’ya like these apples? Each bottle of Avallen calvados removes 2.73kg of CO2e from the atmosphere. No offsetting required. It’s a yuletide miracle. Made from apples grown in wildflower orchards in Normandy, this delicious apple brandy has a floral honeysuckle nose and

Study - Researchers found that the economic benefits of protecting nature-rich sites outweigh the profit potential the same sites could make by extracting resource. It suggests that even if making money – and not nature – is the priority, conserving these habitats still makes financial sense. The study, led by the University of Cambridge and the Royal Society for the Protection of

Positive.News - The air in Europe is getting cleaner, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA), which announced this week that efforts to reduce pollution have prevented around 60,000 premature deaths per year since 2009. However, the EEA’s latest data show that almost all Europeans still suffer from air pollution, leading to about 400,000 premature deaths across the continent annually. “The EEA’s

Positive.News - Frustrated by the government’s response to the climate crisis, young people in England and Scotland are taking matters into their own hands Students in Scotland have launched a campaign to get the Scottish government to provide young people with the skills they need to live sustainably. It follows the launch of a similar campaign in England, where students drafted an

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