Help and hope in Kenosha

Two friends took it upon themselves and handed out supplies to the ones helping in Kenosha Wisconsin. This is what Janae had to say about the experience.

“My friend Jen and I were compelled to help our community. We started the afternoon by stopping at a local fire station that helped manage the many fires. We then went to national guard command center where they will distribute the water and snacks to first responders and those helping with the rebuilding effort.”

“We also drove to downtown Kenosha. I was met with hope. Local artists came together and painted the boarded up buildings with messages of hope.”

“The destruction was heart breaking bringing me to tears. There are over 1,000 national guard here not including the additional that came in from 4 states. The community has started the rebuilding effort with many churches and local communities working together in the clean up. Today a number of churches organized a clean up effort.”

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