The following is a list of fundraisers underway for Kenosha businesses and local residents affected by the riots – Provided By: Kenosha News

Danish Brotherhood Lodge:

Roger Willems is organizing this fundraiser.

On August 24 our danish brother hood was looted and set fire during a riot. We have been part of this community for many generations and would like to keep that going. We know times are hard but we are asking for help so we can rebuild our lodge and continue to be part of the community. Many of you know the danish for the infamous danish breakfast or maybe their bingo nights. For us the Danish has been a second home a place where family’s share new and old memories. It’s been a place where couples share a special day with their loved ones and place where kids get to enjoy a special Santa visit every Christmas. The Danish has always been a community gathering spot for so many. So with a little help from family and friends I think we can get our spot back up and running.

This shouldn’t be the last memory we have of our beloved lodge!

My ancestors started this club 128 years ago. My immediate and extended family has been an integral part of it since the beginning. The club has always been a place of fellowship and friendship. The club has had its financial difficulties in the past but because of our members we always pulled through. We need to keep our danish heritage alive and well in our community. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all! SKOL!

Magical Mattress:

Yvonne Rich is organizing this fundraiser.

Monday August 24, 2020 protesters and looters set fire to Sue and Keith’s magical mattress shop in Kenosha, WI. The building and all contents are completely destroyed. Our dear friend Robert was onsite and tried to stop the fire. Robert was viciously attacked and beaten. Emergency medical attention was needed and further surgery will be required. I have seen these three folks help neighborhood people for years with money, food, mattresses when no one could afford to pay. They have served the Kenosha community selflessly and so didn’t deserve this horrible attack.

I have known these wonderful folks for years. They are honest, hardworking and honorable people.

Uptown Kenosha Relief Fund:

1HOPE is seeking to unite together for the Uptown Community to pick-up the broken pieces of the city, begin to rebuild what has been lost and to restore hope. Donations are tax deductible.

Countless shops, businesses, community centers, and other buildings were destroyed during recent events of civil unrest. Each of us can play a role in restoring hope during this challenging time for our community.

How You Can Help:

Donate to this Uptown Kenosha Relief Fund. All the proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to the effort of rebuilding and restoring the Uptown Kenosha community that experienced looting and property damage the past two days.

DKI Business Recovery Fundraiser:

Alexandria Binanti is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Downtown Kenosha (DKI, Downtown Kenosha Inc.). Donations are 100% tax deductible.

The night of August 23 into morning of August 24 Downtown Kenosha experienced riots and looting. Many of our locally owned businesses were damaged, vandalized, looted and some were even set on fire. These businesses have all been also greatly impacted by COVID.

Your support will be used in recovery efforts. We will remain #DowntownKenoshaStrong.

La Estrella Supermarket

Hi my name is Zaydi Tejada, I am the daughter of the owners of Uptown Restaurant and La Estrella Supermarket. Unfortunately, during a protest that was done in Kenosha the Uptown strip was set on fire. Many family owned businesses were up in flames mine included. Uptown Restaurant and La Estrella Supermarket were burned down and left little to nothing behind, my family and I will have to start from scratch with both places. We love the community and are very devastated about this, we love serving you with great food and frankly cannot see our life without you guys in it. We appreciate all our customers and would feel really grateful if we receive support to bring Uptown Restaurant and La Estrella Supermarket up and running again. Thank you for your support, Tejada Family

Uptown Beauty

Alice Lee is organizing this fundraiser for her parents Yang Soon and Dong Won Lee.

I’m making this gofundme because my dad’s beauty supply store Uptown Beauty, located in Kenosha, WI, was looted on Sunday night after the terrible shooting of Jacob Blake and then burned down today. Unfortunately, my dad won’t be able to rebuild or reopen it and I am gutted.

My parents immigrated from South Korea in the eighties and my dad has had this store for 25 years. He’s worked so hard to build it up—working on holidays, day in and day out, getting to know his customers and them calling him “Lee”. He loved and cared for that store and I’m honestly so devastated, I know my parents must be, too.

Everyone is safe, which is the most important and we are so grateful. But my heart is still breaking. That store was a symbol of hard work and perseverance, my parents’ love and strength, and it has been a part of our lives for so long. We have so many memories there and I honestly really can’t believe it’s gone. It feels surreal and we’re not sure what the future will bring.

My family and I are going to do to everything we can to support each other, but any bit of help would be greatly appreciated so that my parents are able to pick back up after this heartbreaking loss. Insurance will not cover all the damage and losses, so anything given here will be given to my parents. They are the strongest people I know, and I know they will get through this like the badasses they are. I’m so proud of my dad for everything he accomplished with that store. Uptown Beauty was a staple in the neighborhood and I know it will be missed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and in advance for those who donate. Please share this post if you feel so inclined. I know this is a hard time for so many people, so I truly appreciate the support. My parents and I are continuing to stay positive and our hearts go out to Jacob Blake and his family.

Computer Adventure

Daniel Shikoff is organizing this fundraiser. My Grandparent’s computer repair/retail shop, Computer Adventure, was looted and vandalized during the Kenosha, WI protests against the police shooting of Jacob Blake. While we support the BLM movement and standing against systemic racism in America, this shop was my Grandparent’s only source of income. Any donation to help recover from the destruction and loss of property would be greatly appreciated. Our hearts go out to all POC victims of police brutality, Jacob Blake and his family. We hope he makes a speedy recovery.

Debra Nicolazzi house fire

Hello Friends, Family, Co-Workers or anyone who would like to help Debra in this time of need.

My name is Veronica and Debra is a coworker of ours at Monarch Plastics. On the night of August 24th, Debra lost her home and everything that she owns in a devastating fire that was started due to the riots that recently took place that night in the City of Kenosha.

Fortunately, she was able to escape unharmed but the devastating impact has left her with an unexpected loss of her home and all of her personal belongings. Let’s help Debra rebuild and uplift her life.

Any donations of any kind will be greatly appreciated. Money, giftcards, food, clothes, furniture would be greatly appreciated. All funds donated will go 100% towards the loss of Debra’s home and to replace everything that she has lost.

Displaced family fundraiser

Hi, I am Nicole Tomsich from Kenosha. This is my families story. On Monday August 24 the apartment that my Granddaughters live in was burnt down during the riots here in Kenosha. They lost everything, including their two kittens who unfortunately were unable to be saved. Among those displaced were my two grandchildren, their mother and father and their other grandmother. I’m organizing this fundraiser in hopes of raising enough money to help them start over. They literally lost everything. They will need to find a new home immediately and they need all the essentials. Furniture, bedding, a crib, beds, clothing, shoes, winter apparels, anything you could possibly think of. Please if anyone has anything to spare, donate and share this. Times are so hard right now with the covid crisis and now with our city being burned down, even more tragic. Even if you can’t donate please at least share this with everyone you know. These children mean the world to me and my heart aches for the entire family involved. God will make a way. Thank you and God bless.

B and L Office Furniture

Brenda Chiappetta is organizing this fundraiser.

I am starting this fundraising page to assist my children, their father, and their grandparents who lost their family business B and L Office Furniture in Kenosha, Wisconsin with the recent rioting. The business is completely burned and a complete loss. This was their livelihoods and is such a tragedy to them and to the city of Kenosha. My heart is grieving for them and what they are facing. They have been a family owned business in Kenosha for 40 years. They are upstanding citizens of the community and have been a pillar of this community and giving back to the community for many years.

Thank you for your support!

Boost Mobile

Eyad Museteif is organizing this fundraiser.

On Monday August 24, 2020 Protesters and looters set fire to Tony Farhan’s Boost Mobile shop in Kenosha, WI. The building and all contents are completely destroyed. Tony is a father of 4 young children and the soul provider for his wife, 4 kids, and his elderly parents. Tony always helped the neighborhood people for years with money, food, phones when no one could afford to pay. He has served the Kenosha community for over 10 years and didn’t deserve this horrible attack. Tony has had a rough year with his son having cancer and now this disaster. I have known Tony for many years.

He is honest, hard-working and honorable man. Please give if you can and please please share.

Trends Clothing Store

Lori Cherivtch is organizing this fundraiser.

Trends retail store was looted last night in the unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin after a crowd went on a looting spree after the shooting of a black man. The insurance doesn’t cover the losses that were incurred. The owner of the store, Monte has been a staple in this community for over 15 years. He has been the place where many people in the neighborhood have gone to find the latest fashions. He was generous with discounts to those customers who needed it the most. He wanted everyone to have the chance to be fashionable.

This is a running list and will be updated.

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