August 2020

Two friends took it upon themselves and handed out supplies to the ones helping in Kenosha Wisconsin. This is what Janae had to say about the experience. "My friend Jen and I were compelled to help our community. We started the afternoon by stopping at a local fire station that helped manage the many fires. We then went to national guard

West Coast: San José Fire Department has received many generous offers of donations for firefighters combating the wildland fires and we are extremely grateful. A friendly wave, smile, and thank you is a great alternative to show your support for our hardworking firefighters. As our needs are being met, we would like to recommend that citizens consider donating to the victims

The following is a list of fundraisers underway for Kenosha businesses and local residents affected by the riots - Provided By: Kenosha News Danish Brotherhood Lodge: Roger Willems is organizing this fundraiser. On August 24 our danish brother hood was looted and set fire during a riot. We have been part of this community for many generations and would like to keep

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