Pastor gets ice cream truck on his birthday, hands out treats

Fox News – One Florida pastor’s birthday wish came true, bringing smiles and sweet treats to his community in the hot summer sun.

Pastor Bill Losasso, who founded the Florida Dream Center to help those in hopeless situations, wanted to celebrate his 73rd birthday as he did at 17, driving an ice cream truck around for a day.

“I got to relive my dream,” Losasso told FOX 13. “It was really a cool birthday present and I got to share it with all my friends here.”

His daughter rented a truck for him Saturday and he handed out hundreds of ice cream treats for free to kids and adults of all ages.

“Times is hard right now and the little bit they do goes a long way for us,” a man named Rashon told the local FOX affiliate.

He said recipients of the treats said they hadn’t had an ice cream truck visit the area in more than a year.

The Florida Dream Center, which helps the homeless and combats human trafficking among other ministries, gives away 25,000 pounds of food every weekend, adding up to 1.5 million pounds every year.

Melvin Hillman, who drives the “Krazy Ice Cream” truck year-round, watched in amazement.

“It’s beautiful, it’s great, it’s a blessing,” Hillman told FOX 13. “I thank God I’m here to be a part of it. We have more people like him in the world it will definitely be a better world.”

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